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What we do…

Simply Direct Mortgage wants to be your long-term mortgage partner. A one-time transaction is not how we like to run our business. We work with you on all loan decisions and add all of our clients in our Mortgage Management System.

The loan originator will keep you in our database and will contact you when changes in the market open options in your best interest. This on-going contact builds trust and security with our clients who know that we are always looking for opportunities to save our clients money. And who doesn’t like to save money?

Your loan originator will contact you for many reasons. The most common are if rates go down, if the term of your loan can be shortened, or if you are currently in an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) and we can extend your term. If the circumstances are right and we can close your loan with no costs there is no downfall for refinancing.

What you can do…

Make sure that you are doing everything you can to ensure that you can qualify for a refinance.

Making your mortgage payments on time is very important and can ensure a better chance at refinancing. Any late or non-payments will affect your credit score and in this market, it is very important to keep above a 640. You can sign up for different ways to pay with your lender. Most of the lenders that we work with will accept automatic payments to be drafted from a checking or savings account, online payments, or mailed payments. Also be sure that you know that the day you mail or make a payment isn’t always the day that it is applied to your account, so allow for ample time.

We encourage our clients to constantly watch the market and the rates. Even though we are very diligent about our mortgage management system, it is never a bad idea to keep a close eye on any available options. We send out weekly rates via email, or check our website for rates.

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