No Closing Cost Refinancing

Are you looking for a way to save a significant amount of money, and find a way to give you and your family more financial stability in these tough economic times?

The truth of the matter is that refinancing your mortgage may be the best way to minimize the burden of your debt, and put you in a position to have a bright financial future.

Of course, there are significant issues when it comes to refinancing your home. Chief among these are the added unforeseen fees tacked on to your refinancing. The major charges that can hit your wallet out of the blue are closing costs.

  • In fact, closing costs can add an additional $5,000 to $10,000 to your refinancing plan. This, coupled with commission rates, can almost negate the benefits of refinancing your home.
  • The fact of the matter is that you need to choose Atlanta mortgage managers who practice no closing cost refinancing.

Options When It Comes to Reducing Closing Costs

If you’re looking for home refinancing with no closing costs, there are several ways to reduce closing costs, although you almost never can find a way to eliminate them.

The following options for reducing closing costs include:

  • Find a large bank that offers no closing cost refinancing.
  • Shop around for mortgage managers who charge minimal commission rates with minimal closing cost rates.
  • Make sure that your mortgage managers tell you about closing cost charges up front.

Of course, these are simply ways to reduce your closing costs without eliminating them. However, you need to find a mortgage manager who can eliminate your closing costs.

Allow the mortgage managers at Simply Direct show you the problems with closing cost reduction programs and how they can offer you no closing cost refinancing.

The Problems With Traditional Mortgage Managers

There are several principal problems associated with mortgage managers and large banks that offer little-to-no closing costs.

  • Most mortgage management firms charge you hidden fees, high commission rates, and high closing costs.
  • If you opt to refinance through a large bank, you will not be getting the personal attention you deserve when it comes to refinancing. This means that you will have to sift through endless amounts of red tape, spending hours on hold trying to speak with representatives.

Choosing Mortgage Management Through Simply Direct

At Simply Direct, our mortgage managers always offer no-closing cost refinancing. With Simply Direct, our mortgage managers can promise you the following benefits:

  • No closing costs
  • A 33% commission rate
  • The individual attention you need to ensure that you are saving as much money as possible

Remember, at Simply Direct, we are in the business of making money by saving you money. We can promise that we will do everything in our power to provide you with the refinancing you need to give you the financial stability essential in these tough economic times.

If you would like a complimentary consultation with our mortgage managers, please call our office at 404-475-6270.

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