The Benefits of Choosing a Local Broker Over a Big Bank

Georgia Mortgage LendersWhen you believe that it’s time to refinance your home, the next step is most likely evaluating your options. There are several options when it comes to finding a mortgage broker.

Finding a broker that suits your financial needs is absolutely essential! Of course, there are downfalls to choosing a big bank when it comes to mortgage refinancing. In many cases, a local mortgage broker is the best way to go. Allow our mortgage brokers to show you how choosing a local broker in Atlanta can free up your finances and drastically help you!

Why Not Choose a Big Bank?

Choosing a big bank may seem like the quickest and easiest option, but the truth is that it’s not! Big banks have a multitude of downfalls, some of which are inconvenient, and others are dangerous to your financial stability.

Some of the downfalls to choosing a large bank include:

  • The financial instability of larger banks
  • An unwillingness to work with you regarding your mortgage options
  • Closing costs
  • A lack of options
  • An impersonal touch

While some of these factors may simply seem inconvenient, the fact of the matter is that some of them can be extremely risky to your finances.

Consider the current economic state. When you watch the news, you are constantly hearing about banks failing, and banks simply being in the business for profit, not the client. This leads to a sense of complete financial instability when you choose a larger bank. You never know where the economy may be headed, and you shouldn’t depend on a large institution, which may be prone to fail.

Also, banks don’t always offer multiple options. When you go to a larger bank, you’ll see that you are limited in your refinancing options.

You also don’t want to run the risk of added closing costs and unforeseen fees. Banks are not always upfront about their rates. The purpose of refinancing is to free up your wallet, not create an added burden.

To learn more about refinancing and your options, please click here.

You also need a personal touch when it comes to doing business. You need mortgage managers who will work directly alongside you to make sure that your financial stability comes first. You need mortgage managers who are in the business for more than profit.

Therefore, a local broker may be the perfect option for you.

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The benefits of our mortgage managers

The Benefits of Our Private Mortgage Brokers

At Simply Direct, we believe that we can help you refinance your mortgage in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. This is because we can:

  • Offer you mortgage options
  • Offer you no closing costs
  • Give you the personal touch you need and deserve

Our mortgage brokers will never charge you unforeseen fees, and we also have a low commission rate. This means that you will not have to worry about financial instability, and no matter what your mortgage needs may be, our brokers can deliver!

We would love to help you, so please call our office today for a complimentary consultation at 404-475-6270.

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