We Make Money by Helping You Save Money

We start with trust. At Simply Direct Mortgage, we work hard for our clients, our referrals and our BBB rating, making us a leader in the mortgage business.

Once you become our client, we never stop thinking about better options for you, even after the closing.

We call it our Mortgage Management System and it helps us form long-lasting, honest relationships with our clients. We like to provide security and protection by educating our clients and keeping them up-to-date on the changing market.

Is Time Running Out On Your Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)?

With the term of your ARM getting smaller and smaller and home values coming in low, there is no better time to convert to a fixed rate mortgage. Not only do you get the security of a rate that doesn’t go up, but rates are still low. Depending on your situation we can sometimes even offer no closing costs.

Want to Refinance but Can’t Afford to Pay the Closing Costs?

Here at Simply Direct Mortgage we work hand-in-hand with our lenders in order to find the best option for our clients.  If the situation is right, we can usually offer a NO CLOSING COST option. At Simply Direct Mortgage, no closing cost loans means we pay the closing cost on your behalf.  Call us today at (404) 475-6270, or request a quick quote online to see what we can do for you!

Company Overview

Simply Direct Mortgage was established to help our clients manage their mortgage needs. We believe in finding the right products for the needs of our different client base.

Our Licensed Loan Originators participate in on-going product and regulation education enabling them to help find the best, most current mortgage option for our customers.

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